Sunday, July 18, 2010

About The Copying of My Translations

It seemed to me as hypocrisy to put a notice on my site which said, "copying of the translations without permission is not allowed", so I didn't.
As I myself upload the original lyrics of the artists without permission.

The only notice I have on my site is "For educational purposes only", i.e. you can educate yourself on what the lyrics etc. (might) mean.

I know that the only way to protect your work from not being copied without permission is simply not to post it on the Internet at all.

I don't have anything against people using my translations, even without asking permission; posting them on their blog, translating them to other languages or making karaoke videos, as long as they give credit to me.

Although I'd rather have people not use my translations at all, since they're not that good and I try to improve them every now and then. :)

If you use my translations, put a notice where you got them from – a link to my site.
This should be Internet common sense.

The biggest copying of my translations that I've noticed is the posting of my Onmyo-za lyrics translations to LyricWiki without permission.
I thought for a moment about removing the whole section from my site, but decided not to.
For now, I've added a notice to the Onmyo-za page on my site.


  1. It's really important that you've mentioned this subject. About 2 years ago, while reading a brazilian SIAM SHADE forum, one guy claimed to be the ''writer'' of all SIAM SHADE's romaji lyrics. @_@
    Stupid people were praising him and all.
    Some while after, another person was planning to SELL a DVD collection using all videos found on Emule/fansites/torrents and to make things worse, using your romaji lyrics for the karaokes. I bet if I hadn't been so angry about that back then, he would have used even our subtitled videos. >;-(
    For the moment, I'm not aware of any similar project and I'm really convinced everyone in the SIAM SHADE world knows where the translated and romaji lyrics come from, besides the translated videos.

  2. I humbly apologize for posting your translations to LW over the past couple of months.

    It was inconsiderate and thoughtless of me to do so. I should have used better judgment and asked you for permission beforehand. I very much have a "pirate" mindset, and that's something I evidently need to change.

    If I may, should I edit the articles in question to credit you - or just simply blank them?