Saturday, July 10, 2010

陰陽座 - 帝図魔魁譚 Comments

Judging by its title, this song might be a reference to But I can't say for sure since I'm not familiar with that.

Some comments:

現存する雜魚の群に 畏る者は皆無
現存 literally means "to exist currently."
EDIT: First I put this as "living", but I've changed it to "extant."

祝いと呪いの 苧環紡げば
The sentence seems to be left incomplete: "if you/when you/once you've spun... (then what)".

彼の魁岸は星の蔭に 巡り続けるだろう
この開成も月の影を 照らし続けるだろう
I don't have a clue what these two lines are actually trying to say.
In the end I decided to leave the two uncommon words untranslated.
EDIT: I've changed them to English words.

魁岸(かいがん) means "to have a big and strong build". It's apparently a na-adjective, but is used here as if it were a noun. Kōjien has no usage examples for this word.
開成(かいせい) means "to develop human knowledge and to complete one's undertaking".

星の蔭 and 月の影 literally mean "the shade of the stars" and "the shadow of the moon".

懇願する烏合の衆 取るに足らぬ拝舞
拝舞(はいむ) is a sort of "gratitude dance" performed at a conferment/appointment. First you turn the upper part of your body left, then right and again left and bow.

能書きだの蘊蓄だの 蛆でも喰わない
蘊蓄(うんちく) has the original meaning of "vast stock of knowledge", but currently in everyday conversations it is used with the meaning "trivia".

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