Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comments on The Single "Stand Down" Lyrics

As with the lyrics for ~kyo~, I have trouble making sense what some of the lines are trying to say.
I just translate them as I understand them. :-)

Stand down

混在, in all of the examples I found in dictionaries this word is only used as a suru-verb.

飛び立つのさ Underground
Fly away underground??


嘆く風の声 弾け飛ぶ 明日への誓いよ
Not sure how to interpret the word 弾け飛ぶ in the middle.

This is the imperative of arrive/reach. e.g. "Reach your destination!"
I'm not sure how to translate it understandably (with one word). I've put it as "fulfill." I'll probably change it if/when I can think of something better.

Cloudy sky

脱ぎ捨てちまおうぜ - Let's cast it off
Not sure what is being cast off.

In "Kiri no mukou de" there is a line "奮える魂", pronounced the same but written with a different kanji...

明日を射て - shoot tomorrow
Not sure what this means either.

Voice Crew #575

I didn't even try to think of an English equivalent for the riddle. I just left the critical words in romaji.
Later I realized that maybe the word "fun" could be mixed with the English word.

A kan is a kan, but what is a kan that is packed with lots of fun?

"Kan" could also mean 缶 (can) and "fun" could also mean 糞 (shit), so the riddle could also be interpreted as "What is a can that is full of shit?" :-)

Anyway, the answer is 時間 (ji-kan) which has 60 minutes 分 (fun).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Voice Crew #574

I'm not sure what connotations the word こじゃれる has in Japanese (it's not in many dictionaries). I decided to translate it with the old-fashioned word "groovy."

I've have translated the word コーナー as "section", don't know if there's a better word for it.

I thought about how to translate this for a very long time.
There doesn't seem to be an English idiom with the word "cut" in it that would fit here, so that what Morikubo says next makes sense without a note.