Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Matatabi's Liner Notes for Fūjin Kaikō

11th Album "Fūjin Kaikō"

       Created with "wind" as the key concept, this is Onmyōza's 11th album. As the word wind can bring to mind everything from gentle zephyrs to violent storms, the range the pieces on this album cover is extremely wide. Still, as we have been known for expanding our musicality by incorporating various new elements into our music, it might be a little late to be discussing about the width of our range. Rather, I think that you can feel the pride of Onmyōza in the fact that no matter how much we may broaden our horizons, we possess a nucleus that will never be lost. Besides that, you get the sense that this is the opening of a new musical world for Onmyōza. I can assert that Fūjin Kaikō has indeed turned out to be such an album.

       This is something that can be said for both Fūjin Kaikō and Raijin Sōsei; it is not the case that they each contain only songs that have to do with either wind or thunder. Those were merely the keywords while creating the albums, and the keywords were to broaden my mental images instead of limiting them, so there is no need to fear that the albums contain only songs that are fixed on a single image. Just relax and enjoy them.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Back on Track

Sometime last year I made some kind of translations for the lyrics of Fūjin. I guess it's about time I finished them and started posting them. What can I say? Matatabi's lyrics are as impalpable as ever, so don't ask me what any of them are supposed to mean.

I am also going to post translations for Matatabi's liner notes from his blog.

As an unrelated note, it seems that I've been getting a few hits from the search "onmyouza lyrics" and at least for me Google gives my site as the second result.