Friday, April 15, 2011

Voice Crew #701

Literally translated she says "started off with good tension".
テンション is one of the loaned words from English that has come to mean something different in Japanese.

まわす here is part of TV/radio argot, I think.
I searched for quite a while for a good word, and I think "interact" fits well here.

I left the "usa" part of Tamura-tan's speech as it is since there's not really a way to translate it. :-)
It apparently comes from usagi, as you can see Morikubo and Tamura doing rabbit ears at the end of the video (or that's what I think they're doing :)

めっ - "used to scold small children and pets"
I don't know if there's a good English equivalent. I just used "hey!"

This probably doesn't work very well in English, but I couldn't think of anything better.
The word 刻む literally means "to engrave". In this sense of "engraving memories" it also appears a few times in the lyrics of Siam Shade.
English has a similar expression "engrave into one's memory".