Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Matatabi's Liner Notes for Raijin Sōsei

12th Album "Raijin Sōsei"

       Onmyōza's 12th album created with "thunder" as the key concept. Naturally it includes fierce pieces conforming with the image that the word thunder brings to mind, but this is Onmyōza after all. The elements of light and dark have been carefully incorporated; if anything, there are pieces that I believe will make you discover that there are different ways of perceiving the word and the phenomenon that is thunder, and above all, in this album all those elements are fired off as a bolt of lightning from the cloud that is Onmyōza. I am convinced that you will feel the heat of Onmyōza's soul that is still being distilled even though this is our 12th album. I proudly believe that this is an album unequaled in power which ties together even more securely the new musical elements displayed in Fūjin Kaikō with our unchanging nucleus.