Sunday, October 3, 2010

Comments on Morikubo Showtaro ~kyo~ Lyrics (+α)

Many of the lyrics that I added recently from the ~kyo~ album were pretty difficult to translate, or at least to make sense of, so I'll write some comments.

dizzy candy

I have no idea what this means.
"Somebody! Awakening him/her/that guy, please (?)"
決める most often means "to decide" but here it's written in katakana, which means that it uses a slang meaning, I guess?
決める also has the meanings "to score a goal" and "to wear tasteful clothes", but neither makes sense to me.

アイツ also appears later in the lyrics too, where I just translated it as her, which might not be correct.


"Make me come so hard that I don't even have time to finish"

Writing these comments, I changed the translation of this line to how I literally understand it, and it makes no sense.
果てる can mean the same as イく, " to have an orgasm."

Never surrender


落ちてく "go falling"
落ち出す "start falling"
落ち出してく "start to go falling" What?


How can a monument ooze from a crack remains a mystery to me. Maybe because it's incomplete? :P

Ride Free

Since the lyrics refer to riding a motorcycle, "badly ventilated" is probably wrong, but I don't know anything about motorcycles, so...

"I keep attacking the winding road"

Not sure about this translation.

"this ground that I've grasped"


never ends...

"stars are countless"

Literally this means "stars rain", but if that happened life would end very soon.

"星降る夜 - a night sky full of stars; a star‐spangled night"
From 研究社 新英和・和英中辞典

Build Up!!!【鍛】

Luna sent me the lyrics for this song. They were probably copied by someone who doesn't understand Japanese as they contained errors:
僧帽筋(trapezius muscle) was written as 僧帽菌(trapezius bacteria? Such a word doesn't exist)
"肘は高い位置でKeep" was "宙は高い位置でKeep" which makes no sense.
"栄養学も見逃せねぇぜ" was "栄養学も見返せねぇぜ" which means "Musn't look back at dietetics!"

反動をつけるのはNo good
"It's no good to apply recoil"

I'm not sure if this makes any sense. I did found other usage examples of "反動をつける" with Google, but I still don't understand what it exactly means.

By the way, the +α in the title is a wasei eigo (Japanese-made English): プラスアルファ. It means: "and a little extra." The extra was Build Up, since it's not in ~kyo~. :P

Voice Crew Videos #588 & #698

This video is once again about the blood type nonsense.
For about 20 years I lived happily unaware that my blood type was supposed to affect my personality, before I heard about it on some Japanese TV show. :)
They don't seem to realize it, but here Fujita Saki debunks the whole thing by saying:
"They are all Cancerian A types, but they all have different personalities."

Anyway, when I was translating these videos I noticed that maybe I should have translated the introductions as "We are the 20th personalities..."
Oh well...
Morikubo forgets to say "personality" and instead just says "20th Morikubo" at the end.

Nothing much to say about this video; it was quite easy to translate.