Monday, July 5, 2010

Why Was Hideki Called Chack?

I came across this very precious video where Ryuichi talks to Hideki on his radio show "Midnight Rock City", and I decided to make a transcription and a translation.
R = Ryuichi
I = Imamura :)

R: えっと、今日はですね、スペシャル企画と申しましょうか?
まあ、一人目のゲストと言いますかね、SIAM SHADEのイマスくんに来ていただきました。
R: Let's see, tonight we have a special program, or how should I put it?
It's a two hour program we've dubbed "Indies Night".
Well, here's our first guest, SIAM SHADE's Imas.
Good evening.

I: よろしく、こんにちは。
I: Thank you, good day.

R: えーっと、今日はですね、あの、なぜイマスくんと言うのか?デモテープにはCHACKって書いてあるんですけど。
R: Let's see... Tonight— Um, why are you called Imas, when on the demo tape it says Chack?
Where did you get this nickname Imas from?

I: スキッド・ロウのヴォーカルにセバスチャン・バックつー人がいまして・・・
I: There is this person called Sebastian Bach who is the vocalist of Skid Row.
So, everyone was saying to me: "You trying to imitate him?" and forced on me this nickname: "Imastian Chack", that's how...

R: 今もイマスと呼ばれてると?
R: And you're still called Imas?
And your fans also call you Imas, right?

I: そうですね、はい。
I: Yes, that's true.

R: で、多分今こうやってイマスくんと話してても知らない人が多いと思うんですよ、ラジオ聴いてる方。
R: Well, as I'm talking to you right now, I'm sure that there are many listeners who don't know who you are.
After all, your band was only formed half a year ago.
So, as a simple profile...
What kind of band is it? How many members? What kind of people are they? Could you tell us briefly?

I: えっとですね、五人編成で・・・えーっと一応ツインヴォーカルが売り物って言うバンドなんですけど、はい。
I: Let's see. It's a five piece band... Um, it's a band whose specialty is the twin vocals.

R: で、ギターも二人ですよね。
R: And, there are two guitarists too, right?

I: ギターも二人です。
I: There are.

R: で、かたっぽのギターの人が歌を歌うっていう?
R: And, the other guitarist also sings?

I: そうです。
I: Yes.

R: その人がソロもとるんですか?
R: Does he also play solos?

I: あ、とる部分もあります、はい。
I: Oh, sometimes he does, yes.

R: じゃ、ツインギターの比重としては両方の人がソロをとったり、バッキングを弾いたりと?
R: Then, the weight of the twin guitars goes so, that both of them play solos and rhythm?

I: はい。
I: Yes.

R: んー・・・そうか、イマスくんは何か楽器を弾かないんですか?
R: Hmm... Is that so? Do you play any instruments?

I: 一応エレクトーンだけなんですが、はい。
I: Only the electronic organ.

R: ま、今日来ていただいたのは他でもない、僕らの故郷であるプレイハウスのハヤマさんの今イチオシのバンドということで来ていただいたんですけど。
R: Well, the reason why you are here today is that your band is the band which Mr. Hayama from Play House, which is our home ground, is currently pushing the most.
Well, I think that there are many of those who don't know you, so I was thinking of having them listen to one of your songs.

I: お願いします。
I: Thank you.

R: じゃ、一曲聴いてもらいましょう、SIAM SHADEで「END OF LOVE」。
R: All right, listen to this song, "End Of Love" by SIAM SHADE.

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