Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story IV "Ninja Scroll of Wilderness"

(Kegai ninpōchō begins at 1:20) 

"Well then, I'm off. I won't be back until that man's head is mine."
As soon as the young man had said so, he started walking away. Following closely behind him was the heartrending voice of a girl.
"I beg you! Please don't go! What meaning is there to revenge? We could just return to our old life and live here quietly like before!"
The tearful appeal of the girl did not have the power to change the young man's will, and he said: "Indeed, we have been branded as insubordinate barbarians and have lived here secretly. I do not consider that to be pitiful. However, the pride of our clan is not something so cheap that we are just going to submit meekly when it has been trampled underfoot!"
Having said so, he left without slowing his pace. Only the figure of a girl breaking down in tears was left behind.

"Forgive me. Those who were mocked and then murdered were close friends of mine since childhood. Unless I avenge their deaths, there is no way I can face them in the afterlife!"
While glaring at his destination, the enemy's fastness located between the mountains, the young man proudly walked onward. The hard rock surface crunched under his step and the gusty wind blew away his footprints, as if foreboding the young man's fate.

Before long the girl hears rumors of the young man's demise. No one in the clan doubted his inevitable, vain death. Ironically, his righteous indignation that resulted in his death in battle ended up causing trouble for the whole clan. As a warning to others, the Imperial army was ordered to extirpate all members of the clan, including women and children, for having revolted against the Imperial Court, not once but twice.
Absolutely nothing has been heard of the clan since then.
Only the wind that blows through the valley carries their laments.

陰陽座百物語 第肆話「化外忍法帖」

「後生です。行かないでください!仇討ちなど何の意味がありましょう?このまま、元の暮らしに戻って ひっそりと生きて行けばよいではありませぬか!」
涙混じりの娘の訴えにも若者の意志を覆す力は無いと見え、若者は「確かに我らはまつろわぬ化外の土蜘蛛の烙印を押され、人目を隠れて暮らして来た。それを惨めだとも思わぬ。だが、一族の誇りを踏み躙られても尚、黙って泣き寝入りする程我らの誇りは安いものでは無い!」と言い放った儘 歩みを緩める事も無くその場を立ち去った。後には泣き崩れる娘の姿が残された。



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