Sunday, March 3, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story IX "Yoshitsune: Otherworldly Rencontre"

(Raise Kaikō begins at 17:00)

(Note: The second and third parts are mostly the same as the preface for Raise Kaikō that is included in the Garyō Tensei album booklet)

    Minamoto No Yoshitsune had joined the army of his older brother Minamoto No Yoritomo, whose objective was to overthrow the Tairas. Making good use of his prodigious tactician skills, Yoshitsune was overpowering the Tairas unopposed. Contrary to his military achievements however, due to the machinations of various generals and Yoritomo who slighted the behavior and youth of his brother, he ends up being killed as a traitor.
    Yoshitsune's wife Shizuka Gozen is also captured by Yoritomo, and although she manages to escape death, the child of Yoshitsune she was pregnant with is cruelly murdered by Yoritomo.

    Separated from Yoshitsune and her beloved child brutally murdered by Yoritomo, Shizuka Gozen blames herself for all that has happened. Down in the depths of despair, she gives up hope of ever seeing Yoshitsune alive. Now cherishing the hope for a rencontre with him in the next world, quietly and alone, she bids farewell to this life.

    Sweeping over the sadness of the people at the mercy of the currents of history, the tide of a new era will surge forward, recede, then surge forward again.
    As long as there are humans in the world, the coming and going of that tide will never cease.

陰陽座百物語 第玖話「義経~来世邂逅」




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