Monday, March 4, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story XV "Hurrah Heavy Drinkers"

(Uwabami banzai begins at 16:00)

Sheesh! How sloppy of you to get all drunk and fall asleep in a place like this. Oh well. Today was your big day after all. Who could have guessed? The little brat that you were grew up to be a fine man. Well, since you've taken after me I guess that's no surprise. But you know, we sure had to put up with a lot of your silly tricks when you were a kid.

Like when you pulled out all the radishes from your grandpa's field and tried to sell them at the market. Do you remember that? We found out about it right away and caught you. You were tied to the cherry tree in the backyard and sure got an earful. But right after that I think we made you some warm rice porridge. Even now I sometimes recall the face of your grandfather as he drinks cold sake with great relish and watches you gladly slurping your porridge with tears in your eyes. He laughed and said that the three of us should have a drink together when the sonny grows up. In the end, he passed away before we could keep that promise.

The winter night you were born sure was cold and it had been snowing all day long. But you know what? Your grandfather walked through all that snow because he couldn't wait to see his grandson. He smiled joyfully when he saw the ruddy face of the bawling baby. The sake we drank together that day was absolutely delicious.

Hey! How long are you going to sleep? This time it's your turn to become a father, right? You mustn't make your pregnant wife worry about you. Oh well, I guess you can't hear me. Anyway, when your child grows up, this time let's make sure we have that drink together!

Hurrah heavy drinkers for generations to come!
Ah, dammit! What a happy day!

陰陽座百物語 第拾伍話「蟒蛇万歳」






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