Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story XXVI "Shrine Maiden of the Mizuchi"

(Mizuchi no Miko begins at 07:26)

When the world is shrouded in jet-black darkness, there are two beings whose mission is to sacrifice their lives to save it. One is the dragon who soars to the sky when the time is right. The other is the shrine maiden who has looked after the dragon since it was a nestling. Her task is to offer a prayer that releases the dragon to the sky. They both waited quietly for that moment while aware of the fact that after they had accomplished their mission, they would meet their end.

And now, having heard the prayer of the shrine maiden and having climbed to the sky, the dragon was looking down on the various sufferings of the world below.

As the girl gazed at the dragon that had soared out of sight, the image of the dragon when it was still small enough to be carried in her arms crossed her mind and tears started to roll down her cheeks before she knew it.

The terrestrial world ruled by humans, filled with insolent desires and petty falsehoods, was now full of more suffering than there had ever been and everyone was longing for the dragon of redemption to appear. The girl had offered the dragon a prayer in order to fulfill her mission as the shrine maiden, but now that the moment was at hand, at the same time as her love for the dragon suddenly awakened, she also started to feel intense hatred for the humans who had shifted the task of redeeming their crimes on the dragon. Her anger grew uncontrollable and in spite of herself the girl shouted inside her mind: "There is no need to listen to the hopes of the selfish humans. Give me back my dragon!"
However, at the same time she heard the voice of the dragon's consciousness echoing inside her mind.

"Girl. There is no need to worry. We shall never lose the memories of the peaceful days we spent together, not even if our bodies perish. I will now release the light that will save the world. With that light, the two of us will ascend to heaven. And the humans too——"

Unable to grasp the meaning of the dragon's final words, the girl gazed at the sky even more intensely. Shortly afterwards, light so dazzling that one could not look straight at it came falling down from the heavens, surrounding the earth. The dragon, the girl, humans, and all other living things were enveloped by the light, and they all vanished from the face of the earth.

Thus the earth was saved from the threat of mankind.

陰陽座百物語 第廿陸話「蛟龍の巫女」








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