Sunday, March 3, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story XIII "Maikubi"

(Maikubi begins at 01:37)

In a small shop by the sea, three men were drinking sake. All three were on their way back from the festival and were complete strangers who just happened to share a table. But with the festivities still fresh in their minds, they seemed to be drinking quite merrily. However, in no time at all, whatever the cause may have been, the mood at their table changed from merry to murderous.

"Hey you! What did you just say?"
"I already told you. You know the saying that goes like "more brawn, less brain"? When one just looks at you it proves that the thing ain't necessarily so. That's what I said."
"Cut the crap! I know you said that looking at me made you know exactly what they mean!"
"No I didn't! You can't even remember what was said a moment ago, it would seem the more brawn..."
"There! Now you said it! You're gonna get what's coming to you!"
"Shut up. Your squabble makes the sake taste bad."
"Wha? You too, I don't like your attitude! Acting all highfalutin'— a loafer who can't even find work has no place talking back to me!"
"Just say that one more time."
"Sure! I'll say it as many times as I like! Listen up. A layabout who can't even find work... no wait, an idler... what was it? Eh? What did I say just now?
"Hahahaha! Just like they say: more brawn, less brain! If you even have one that is! Hahahaha!"
"Humph. What a useless hulk."
"You two... You want me to wrap you both in a bamboo mat and throw you in a river? Do you!?"
"Hey, don't go grouping us together just like that. I'm not really a friend of this bum or anything."
"Bum? You should not have said that."
"No, wait! It's because this hulk here... Uh, I mean..."
"You're all the same to me! Don't you two even think about leaving here alive!"
"You took the words right out of my mouth."
"Augh! Wa-wa-wa- wait a minute! Don't draw your swords!"

All three drew their swords at the same time. As if by a miracle, they all managed to sever each other's heads simultaneously. The severed heads then went rolling into the sea. However, even when their heads were all that remained of them, the three did not stop quarreling. Entwining their hair, biting each other, the three-way quarrel went on indefinitely. And that is why they call this place Tomoegafuchi [Three-way Deep].
Although some people think that the story sounds a little too fanciful to be true.

陰陽座百物語 第拾参話「舞頸」



刀を抜いたのは三人同時だった。奇跡的に三人は互いにそれぞれの頸を同時に切り落とし、頸は転がって海に落ちた。しかし、頸だけになっても尚、三人は争うのを止めなかった。髪を絡ませ、噛み付き合い、三つ巴の争いを果てしなく続けた。それでこの淵を 巴ヶ淵 と呼ぶ様になったと言うのは、しょうしょう出来過ぎた話だと人は言う。

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