Sunday, March 3, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story XII "Your Shadow"

(Omokage begins at 16:28)

How long has it been since you passed away? I've grown all old, but you're still the same strapping young man smiling in the photograph. When you first met me, you just kept admiring the design of my kimono instead of me. Do you remember that? "Those are very pretty wisteria flowers," you said without once raising your blushing face. Out of disappointment, I haven't worn that kimono at all since then. But when the war was over, that was the only thing I never sold, even when I needed the money.

When I received news of your passing, I cried until my tears ran dry. I actually intended to follow you right away. I wanted to burn myself in the flames of the war and be with you once again. Even though the air raid sirens were ringing and the sky turned deep red, I walked in the opposite direction of the people running for their lives. That was when you came to me, didn't you? "You just keep getting yourself in trouble. Come on, this way," you said and lead me by the hand, like back when we used to walk by the riverbank. I felt so happy.

That was when I decided that I would keep on living even if I was alone. No, forgive me. I forget that I haven't been alone at all. Through hard times, through painful times, and through happy times too, I have always felt your presence. You must have come to check up on me since I always get myself in trouble. Still, together with your shadow, I've managed to live long enough to become a wrinkly old granny. My dear, I'm sure we are going to meet soon. When I meet you I'll be as proud as a peacock. I've worked hard enough, haven't I? I know! I think I'll wear that kimono with the wisteria flowers on it. That way you'll recognize me right away, right? But this time, say something nice about me instead of just admiring my kimono, okay?

陰陽座百物語 第拾弐話「面影」


貴方が逝ってしまったと知らせを受けた時は、涙が枯れ果てるまで泣きました。急いで私も後を追おうと思ったわ。私も戦いの炎に焼かれて、貴方の許に行こうと思った。警報が鳴り響いて、空が真っ赤になっても 、げる人達と反対の方へ歩いていったの。でも貴方、あの時、私の所へ来てくださったでしょう?「まったくお前は危なっかしいな。ほら、こっちだよ」って、いつも二人で河原を散歩していた時の様に手を引いてくださったの。嬉しかったわ。


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