Friday, March 1, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story VII "Hill of the Phoenix Tree"

(Aogiri no oka begins at 01:05)

After the life form had closed his eyes for the last time, he floated, or perhaps lied down, in an indefinite place, surrounded by dazzling light whose colors cannot be expressed in words. The last thing he remembered was regretting the fact that he had let his loved one die, unable to protect them. Now, as it seems that he too had died, maybe this was his atonement in a way he thought. No, it couldn't work that way; he kept pondering the matter but could not make up his mind.

Although surprised at the fact that he could still think about things like this even now that he was dead, he came to the conclusion that because he still kept thinking of such insignificant things at a time like this, he had probably been a human while he was still alive. Focusing his mind, he could sense that apparently there were many other life forms beside himself that had gathered in that indefinite space. The next thing he knew, he could no longer feel the boundary line between himself and the other life forms. Having lost their boundary lines, the lives eventually formed a single stream that slowly flowed down, or perhaps up, towards some indefinite place.

Along the way, the life form thought he heard a voice. The maternal yet resolute voice that gently enveloped them called out to each of the lives: "Come, transmigrate." The owner of the voice appeared to be a bird that was wrapped in light, but in the same time it also felt like something out of this world. Still, the life form thought that while they were on the way to the next world, an expression like "out of this world" seemed a little out of place.

One morning, in a river somewhere, a sweetfish was splashing in the water. It swam happily by a beautiful flower that bloomed on the riverbank, and sprang many times. The flower bloomed silently, as if smiling at the sweetfish.

陰陽座百物語 第漆話「梧桐の丘」





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