Monday, March 4, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story XIV "Tanuki-belly Drumbeat"

(Tanuki-bayashi begins at 09:14)

Yesterday, my dad got really angry at me because I just can't transform properly no matter how many times I try. Even Konkichi the Fox[1] who's the same age as me can already turn into a Jizo and scare people out of their rice balls. Damn it! And we tanuki are the ones that are supposed to be the superior ones at transforming compared to some foxes. My dad can even transform into a feudal lord. Well, the best I can do is change into a rice-cake offering.

When a tanuki transforms, they slap their belly and shout "popon!" But my "popon" seems be out of tune or something. That's why I have to keep practicing with my dad yelling at me to try it again. My mom says that there is no need to get impatient since I'm still a child, but I want to become as good as my dad as soon as possible. I want to transform into a princess and bring lots of pretty kimonos to my mom. And I guess I want my dad to praise me. Today will be the day when I transform into a Jizo!

Oh! Just what the doctor ordered, an old woman is coming right this way. I'll scare her for sure.

Slap my belly and popon!
Aah! Why is my tail still visible!
Once more. Popon! Popon!
H- huh? I think I actually did it!
No tail in sight, and my body's stone too!
All right! I'll just wait still here...
Oh! This is so exciting!
Ah! The old woman is praying to me!
She even left me an offering of rice-cakes and sake!
I did it! I did it dad! Daddy!

"Dear Jizo, I've grown so old that my eyesight is leaving me and as of late I cannot see things clearly. Even now, it looks to me as if you had whiskers on your face. I humbly ask for my eyesight to get better again."

[1] Konkichi means fox. English equivalent would be Reynard the Fox.

陰陽座百物語 第拾肆話「狸囃子」




お腹を叩いて ポポーン!

「御地蔵様、私もようよう年がいってしもうて、近頃目が悪ろうなって碌に物が見分けられませんのじゃ。 今も、御地蔵様の顔に、髭が生えてる様に見えておりましてなあ。 どうか、この目が良くなります様に」

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