Sunday, March 3, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story XI "Ninja Scroll of Bewitching Flower"

(Yōka ninpōchō begins at 08:56)

I am the servant of a kunoichi and up until now I have put an end to the lives of numerous men. Sometimes they were samurai from an enemy nation, sometimes ninjas from an opposing style. There were some formidable opponents among them, but there has not been a man that my master and I could not defeat. The method my master specializes in involves her getting on intimate terms with her target and rendering them defenseless with her sexual charms. She then invites them to bed and when the time is right, she releases me from her body, killing them with a single blow. After the act is done, I return to where I came from, meaning I go back inside my master's body. Since I hide myself so speedily, even if there is a commotion after the man is found dead, nobody notices that it was the work of my master and I.

Sometimes it can take a while before the target opens himself up. At times like that, my master properly accompanies them in bed so as not to seem suspicious. When she does so, her moans of ecstasy are sublimely lustrous, like a bewitching flower. Even I find it hard to believe that they are just an act. From time to time I even think that maybe my master does this work because she likes it, but whenever I see the tears my master sheds when she is dressing herself after finishing an opponent, I let go of such silly notions. I do not know why my master sheds tears, but when she does, I feel sad together with her. If but only once, I would like to gently hold my master round the shoulders, but unfortunately I am a snake, therefore my hands are tied, so to speak.

陰陽座百物語 第拾壱話「妖花忍法帖」



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