Monday, March 11, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story XIX "Akuro-ō"

(Akuro-ō begins at 01:48)

"Boss! Our pursuers are [unclear]!"

Receiving the report of his out of breath servant, Akuro-ō, the arch-villain known as the Demon of Hiraizumi sat with a sharp look in his eyes and his long sword in hand.

"I see. Again the same bastard? Today I'm going to settle the score for good."

Having jumped to his feet, Akuro-ō was stopped by the woman next to him.

"Dear, this is the right time[1]. If we quietly yield to the emperor now, they might just spare the life of this child."

The woman stroked her plump belly as she said so.

"Besides, rebelling against the emperor and playing bandits like this, doesn't that make us just as bad as them?"
"I don't care. I'm just letting those guys who massacred our comrades taste their own medicine. I'll become a demon that torments them until their deaths."

The woman was at a loss for words and drooped her head. Walking onward without looking back Akuro-ō said: "You just stay right here. Take care of the kid."

Those were the last words of Akuro-ō the woman heard. Their clan was one-sidedly destroyed by the Imperial Court and the villain who had vengefully wreaked havoc in the region was slain like a demon.

[1] This is the dictionary meaning of the word, but people often mistake it to mean "the time to quit".

陰陽座百物語 第拾玖話「悪路王」










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