Monday, March 11, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story XXI "One Hundred Monsters Wander in the Night"

(Hyaku no oni ga yoru wo yuku begins at 14:17)

The creak of an ox carriage broke the silence of the night. As it trundled along the road, suddenly what looked like white mist appeared in front it. The mist gradually started to take the form of humans who then came in a stream towards the carriage.

Among them were bizarre shapes that one could hardly call human, proving that they were not living human beings. Still, only one man inside the ox carriage noticed their presence while none of his companions seemed to notice anything strange.

The man in the ox carriage quietly called the carriage to be stopped and started to chant a sutra. Perhaps protected by his sutra, the grotesque group was lumbering past the carriage without turning their attention to it. At the tail end of the procession there was a richly dressed man who looked strikingly fearsome. He appeared to be groaning.

While chanting his sutra, the man could hear his voice saying: "Tokihira... Tokihira! You will pay Tokihira! Even in death you cannot escape!"
His voice was full of malevolence. The owner of that voice was none other than the vengeful spirit of Sugawara no Michizane whose grudge for Fujiwara no Tokihira had not waned at all, although he had died of illness at a young age last year. As a matter of fact, even this year many of the Fujiwara clan had died unnatural deaths under mysterious circumstances.

"What a fearsome thing the grudge of men is."
While chanting his sutra, the man in the ox carriage could not help but think aloud. Hearing that, the vengeful spirit of Michizane scowled fiercely at the ox carriage. However, the expression on his face appeared to say that he did not have time to waste on someone like this, and as he withdrew his gaze, he finally went past the ox carriage.

"Tonight, someone of the Fujiwara clan will once again die."
This time the man started to chant a sutra for whoever that miserable victim would be.

陰陽座百物語 第廿壱話「百の鬼が夜を行く」




経文を唱えながら男が聞いたその声は「時平… 時平!許さんぞ時平!死んでもまだ許さんぞ!」と言う。大層恨みのこもったものであった。間違い無くその声の主は怨霊と化した菅原道真であり、昨年、若くして病死した藤原時平への恨みは以前衰えず、実際、今年に入ってからも幾人もの藤原一族が謎の変死を遂げていた。



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