Friday, March 1, 2013

Onmyōza Hyakumonogatari Story VI "Yoshitsune: Nightmare Ablaze"

(Muma Enjō begins at 14:50) 

(Note: The same text is used as the preface for Muma Enjō that is included in the Garyō Tensei album booklet)

    Intently yearning for his brother's love, Yoshitsune defeats the Tairas just like his brother Yoritomo had hoped. Due to the machinations of Yoritomo and his close advisers, instead of a war hero, Yoshitsune ends up being branded as a rebel.
    While his miraculous services in war earn him the popularity and trust of the people in the capital, at the same time, he is thoroughly disdained by most of the generals in Kamakura because of his childish behavior. For Yoritomo he was becoming an insurmountable nightmare. Yoritomo's resolution to get rid of Yoshitsune only grows stronger as his younger brother appears in his dreams night after night.
    Unwilling to believe that his brother is plotting against him, Yoshitsune reluctantly leaves the capital only after there is an attempt on his life. Although he succeeds in escaping with the help of Fujiwara of Ōshū, Yoshitsune becomes separated with Shizuka Gozen in the mountains of Yoshino. Shizuka, having a premonition that this would be their final farewell, weeps and shrieks in her heart.
    Afterwards, Shizuka is captured by Yoritomo, and although her life is spared thanks to the beauty of her dance, Yoritomo, worried of retribution by Yoshitsune's offspring, cruelly murders the child she is pregnant with.
    Meanwhile, having barely escaped to Ōshū where he is given shelter by Fujiwara No Hidehira, Yoshitsune is eventually attacked at night by Hidehira's son Yasuhira, who betrays Yoshitsune after his father passes away.
    Then finally, in his Takadachi mansion at Koromogawa that has been set ablaze, Yoshitsune, a broken man, decides to take his own life.

陰陽座百物語 第陸話「義経~夢魔炎上」


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